Morgannwg LDC Newsletter December 2018

Much has happened since the LDC Meeting of 20th November, 2018 and it was thought best to summarise in a newsletter.


  1. GDC Stakeholders Meeting, Principality Stadium, Cardiff, 22nd November 2018.

The attached file contains the official minutes, produced by GDC, of the meeting. The secretary attended the meeting and the following comments are his views of the meeting.  You will note that the minutes are carefully written to give an impression of agreement with stakeholders with everything the GDC said throughout the day.  A number of attendees had the feeling that GDC tried to give the impression that they were listening to the profession but we had the impression that there was a great empire building exercise going on, and the minutes excluded ‘inconvenient’ questions and comments.  One example was from an adviser of the Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland who raised the issue that in his opinion there was a disconnect between GDC officials and caseworkers when bringing registrants to FtP panels.  He was quite adamant about this and quoted some examples, but there was denial from the panel.  Similarly, there was denial when questioned about the purpose of the ARF, giving the impression it was theirs to decide how the ARF should be used.  Are they really listening?  The minutes can be accessed here.


  1. Reforming Dental Services.

On December 11th Vaughan Gething, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services produced a written statement on Reforming Dental Services.  The statement in full can be accessed here, and gives reassurance of his continued support for the reform programme.


  1. New First Minister and New Cabinet Statement.

Mark Drakeford won the race to become the new Labour Leader in the assembly and subsequently was elected First Minister.  On December 13th he announced his new cabinet, also announcing that previously called Cabinet Secretaries would once again be called Ministers.  Details of the new cabinet in full as announced by the First Minister can be found here.


  1. Dental Public Health Update to Local Dental Committees – December 2018.

The latest Dental Public Health Update for LDCs contains sections on Health Promotion – Smoking and Alcohol, Designed to Smile in Practice, General Dental Services Reform Programme, Health Protection and Dental Health and details of the 2nd Annual Dental Symposium: Transforming Dentistry in Wales with details of how to register for the event.  The update can be accessed using this link.


  1. BDA December 2018 LDC Newsletter

The December BDA Newsletter to LDCs, whose significance is mainly England related, can be accessed here.  There is a section on the LDC Officials’ Day which took place on 30th November.  We did not send delegates to the event since we felt the agenda was of little relevance to Wales although the summary is worth reading.  It is also worth reading ‘Henrik’s Hometruths’ where Henrik Overgaard-Neilson, chair of GDPC gives an update on DDRB (including confirmation of the 2.77% uplift in Wales, backdated to April 2018) and an update on contract reform in England which is an excellent summary of what’s happening in England.  All the other topics in the newsletter are certainly worth a read.


6 ADVOCATE Project – Questionnaires for Dentists

The relevant document can be accessed here.  It is self-explanatory and requests dentists to take part in two surveys on prevention, the links to which are contained in the document.  There is also a link to the ADVOCATE (Added Value in Oral Health) website which explains the project.


  1. All-Wales Dental E-Referral Management System

You will be aware that ABMU is an early adopter area for this system and the latest communication the LDC is aware of says that it will start in February 2019 in ABMU.  Apparently, all the referral forms have been digitised and will initially be used on a trial basis and will be able to be changed if difficulties arise for users.  Hopefully there will be more information available at the time of the next LDC meeting on 15th January and there is a formal meeting, which the LDC will attend on 29th January.  The latest official update can be found here.