Geographically Morgannwg LDC has a wide representation across South Wales and is one of the  largest LDCs in Wales representing the interests of around 270 dentists working in the area. These dentists have practices ranging from multiple city surgeries to sole practitioners working in the valleys. This diversity of dental practices have different needs and concerns but underlying it all is the everyday business of dentistry. 

To reflect this need for ‘effective’ representation the decision was taken by the LDC to increase the number of GDP’s representing their localities from April 2013. It is hoped that this will encourage membership from younger dentists, invigorating the committee and improving communications within the dental community. 

As the Port Talbot Resource centre continues to develop for Specialist referrals for Restorative dentistry and for training for DF1s, the LDC is liaising with ABMU HB in reviewing Out of Hours and Access provision and also for Enhanced services such as DESs (Dentists withEnhanced Skills). 

Morgannwg LDC was a front-runner in setting up, and has representation on all the well established Managed Clinical Networks which were set up a few years ago. These bodies represent the various disciplines of dentistry.  They strive to improve referral data from GDPs to specialists and consultants by developing specific referral documents and thereby hope to streamline the referral process and maintain sensible waiting lists.  The LDC is represented on the Clinical Governance Committee. This committee is vigilant in the delivery and maintenance of high standards of care together with dealing with issues that arise in surgeries from day to day. All these bodies feed into the DSSPG (Dental Services Strategic Planning Group) which sets out the strategic view for the delivery of all dental services. This committees seeks to provide the best value for money for the provision of dental care across ABMU HB. 

In November 2012 the LDC hosted an evening at which presentations were made by the two pilot projects taking place in ABMU together with a presentation by the Designed to Smile team. The evening was well attended by local GDPs keen to learn more about this new way of delivering dental care and prompted lively debate on the issues raised. 

As the concerns of GDP’s are now focusing on the next “new” dental contract, the LDC has invited Mr David Thomas, the Chief Dental Officer for Wales to address this year’s Biennial General Meeting . The “new” contract will continue to be one of the main agenda items at our future LDC meetings. 

Undoubtedly the Welsh Government’s new National Oral Health Action Plan, “Together for Health”, will be a guiding document for strategic planning for the next 3 years. The LDC will be taking a great interest in how this will be implemented, together with the local Oral Health Action Plan which ABMU has been charged to set up by the WG. As an LDC we have regular liaison meetings with ABMU HB officers and work hard to ensure that policies, procedures and daily concerns are discussed and aired with our LDC committee members in providing workable solutions. 

The LDC website has been established and we are very aware that this is one of the most effective ways of communicating with a wide audience. Our website provides links with other dental related sites and we look forward to the link with the new ABMU HB dental portal which will provide up to date information in the future for GDP’s in respect of relevant current issues and valuable waiting time data. 

The LDC aims to maintain its important links with ABMU Health Board, Welsh Government through the Welsh Dental Committee and the BDA through the Welsh Directorate and the Welsh General Dental Practice Committee for the benefit of the GDP’s it represents as this provides the empowerment to influence the shape of the delivery of dental care for our patients and help to provide a successful livelihood for all our dental members. 


Rhiain Paul

Chair Morgannwg LDC

 Download pdf of Chair’s report

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