This page is for Dental Practice Teams and is an attempt to keep them updated on the latest information which has been published by the various relevant organisations in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Practice staff need to follow communications only from the Primary and Community Services Delivery Unit of the Swansea Bay University Health Board and the Welsh Government and ignore references from friends and colleagues who work under contract to other Health Boards in Wales particularly when these come from unofficial social media groups.  It’s at times like this when gossip becomes king and this is always worse on social media – research facts carefully before passing them on.  Also, the LDC will communicate with colleagues through this website and by email from time to time if it becomes clear that aforementioned communications are being mis-interpreted.

During this time please check your emails regularly, and read them carefully, including any links contained in them.  Share them with staff and we recommend setting up a dedicated file for COVID updates, perhaps even a WhatsApp group solely for your staff for COVID updates, including your partner practices if you so wish.

Please note that all contract decisions on finance are coming from the Welsh Government and not from the LHB.  The LHB is following instruction and guidance from Welsh Government on all contract issues, as will be all the other LHBs in Wales.

Important Links to COVID-19 Guidance

All communications from the Welsh CDO and HEIW from March 2020 onwards are accessible here.

The most up to date guidance and resources for primary care are compiled at

COVID-19 Information for Dental Services

The General Dental Council has issued guidance to support health professionals which can be found at

General Dental Council Standards for the Dental Team – COVID-19

The British Dental Association issues up-to-date guidance for Dental Teams and this is updated on a daily basis and where required on an hour by hour basis, and can be found at

British Dental Association Coronavirus Updates

Note that updates from BDA Wales are included on this site.