2014-2015 BASCD 5 year old Dental Survey

Between October 2014 and April 2015, a dental survey of 5 year old   (Year 1) children will take place in schools throughout Swansea, Neath-Port Talbot and Bridgend.

This is part of an All Wales Dental Health Survey.  All examining dentists are specially trained so that they record what they see in the same way.  This means that statistics for one area can be compared directly with those for other areas. The information gained from this survey will give an indication of the dental health of 5 year old children in Wales and it will be used to help plan effective dental services where they are most needed.

Children will only be examined if they are happy to be seen and after receipt of written parental consent. Parents will be told in advance when the CDS will be visiting the selected schools. Latex free gloves and sterile instruments are used for all examinations. The examination is visual and only takes a few minutes. A questionnaire about the child’s previous dental treatment will also be sent home. All children involved in the survey will be sent more detailed information, including contact details if parents have any questions, before the school is visited.

The information gained is used for statistical purposes only and there is no way of identifying individual children by their records after they have been seen.

This survey will provide very useful information for the future. It is hoped that all children involved in this survey enjoy the experience.

If anyone wishes to have further information on the study protocol please contact Janine Thomas at Janine.Thomas2@wales.nhs.uk