Practice Answerphone Messages

You will have been informed by your locality that an attempt is being made to standardise messages across the LHB on the introduction of the 111 telephone service.  This has already been done with GP practices. The content of the message for when the practice is closed has been agreed between the LHB and LDC and should include the following:

“Welcome to XXXX Practice.  The dental practice is now closed and our opening hours are XXXXX.  If you are a patient and experiencing dental problems outside of normal working hours, please call the free helpline number 111 where you will be provided with information and advice on how to manage the dental problem and if necessary, how to access urgent care.  All patients can call 111.  If you wish to leave a message please do so after the tone. Thank you for your call”

Practices who treat private patients who access the practice through the same number as NHS patients might want to include a message for these patients.