QAS – Tips For Completing and Submitting QAS Questionnaire

Please remember the closing date for submitting QAS return is 25th November 2016

Chris Wills-Wood has asked me to update colleagues on some errors and omissions he has found on QAS submissions to date.

  1. Section 2. Practice Personnel. If the practice’s staff is too large to fit into the box enter the additional information in the Feedback section at the bottom of the page.
  2. Section 12. Radiation.The legal owner is the person who owns the X ray equipment. In the case of a Corporate or Limited Company the name to enter is either the Limited Company owner or CEO – a Corporate Board is not the legal owner in terms of responsibility. The medical physics expert’s name will be on the local rules. NB HIW in their annual report have highlighted radiological and IRMER problems in dental practice
  3. Section 14. ICO question 1. The name to enter here for the data controller is the name of a person working within the practice. Changes last year gave ICO powers to enter NHS premises/organisations unannounced.
  4. Section 16 No 4. The child protection lead should be a named Dentist following Welsh Guidance – exception if there is agreement with the LHB.
  5. It is the legal responsibility of the Practice Owner to verify and sign off the QAS document before submission.
  6. Check certificate dates have been updated for this year.