Success of Flexible Post-Graduate Educational Programme in Endodontics


The Department of Restorative Dentistry has now run its collaborative post-graduate Certificate course in Endodontics successfully for the second year. The course, designed from its infancy at a Diploma-level, was a collaboration between ABMU Health Board, the University of South Wales (previously Glamorgan), and the Wales Deanery (Dental Postgraduate Department). The initial year-long certificate programme is aimed at improving the knowledge and clinical skills of dentists in the specialty of Endodontics, while continuing to work within their own clinical environments. Dentists are also able to continue their training to either Diploma (2 year) or Masters level (3 years). 

The certificate level course comprises 6 didactic days of lectures and training in the clinical skills lab with dental operating microscopes (Morriston Hospital). Once the didactic element is completed, dentists have 6 individual days of patient treatment of suitable complexity under close supervision of local Consultants and specialists. This enables them to benefit from work-based learning in the state of the art facility located at the Port Talbot Resource Centre. Candidates are also required to review seminal and contemporary endodontic literature and complete several case reports and written assignments over the first 12 months. Those continuing to the second ‘Diploma’ year undertake a practice-based clinical case portfolio

There is also a close collaborative link with primary care, as the supervised treatment sessions are based at the Dental training unit at the Port Talbot Resource Centre. This allows networking between primary care and hospital services.

The course tutors and the Department are indebted for the support from Wales Deanery (Dental Postgraduate) and to the dental nurses from both ABMU Restorative Dentistry and the Dental Training Unit for their dedication and support to the course as well as the continued support from ABMU.


For more information, contact

Dr Matthew Locke, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and Course Tutor: (Clinical Elements and Logistics of the Course)

Mrs Paola Browne: (administrative queries)