WG Advisory Structure Review

LDC members will recall the call for evidence from WG earlier in the year to which we responded in March.  The call for evidence document and Morgannwg LDC response can be accessed here.

The initial response from WG has now been published and can be found at



Our reading of this is that LDCs will continue to be a statutory advice body locally, at least for the time being, but that the Welsh Dental Committee might be incorporated into a single Joint Professional Council,  but an oral health group would be established as a sub group of the council – it’s ToR would be different to WDC and also its membership.  We understand there is to be further clarification and opportunity to comment.  We will ensure that this is an agenda item at the next LDC meeting and will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed – it is imperative that we use any opportunity to comment further on this issue.