LDC Connections October 2015

The latest edition of LDC Connections which contains:

    • GDC Corporate Strategy 2016-2019 consultation
    • GDPC Meeting
    • NHS commissioning guides
    • Use of the Statutory levy
    • LRC levies working group
    • Christmas cover
    • BSA electronic claims
    • ICO report on data security in dentistry
    • Decision on Business Rates
    • LRC Workshop
    • LDC-GDPC Regional Liaison Group
    • LDC Conference and Unsung Hero Awards
    • LDC Officials’ day
    • Dental Unscheduled Care Meeting

can be found here.

The notes of a forum meeting between LDCs and GDC can be found via this link and the slides of the GDC presentation at that meeting can be accessed through this link.