LDC Connections October 2015

The latest edition of LDC Connections which contains:

    • GDC Corporate Strategy 2016-2019 consultation
    • GDPC Meeting
    • NHS commissioning guides
    • Use of the Statutory levy
    • LRC levies working group
    • Christmas cover
    • BSA electronic claims
    • ICO report on data security in dentistry
    • Decision on Business Rates
    • LRC Workshop
    • LDC-GDPC Regional Liaison Group
    • LDC Conference and Unsung Hero Awards
    • LDC Officials’ day
    • Dental Unscheduled Care Meeting

can be found here.

The notes of a forum meeting between LDCs and GDC can be found via this link and the slides of the GDC presentation at that meeting can be accessed through this link.

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GDPC Meeting 2 October 2015

The official report of the GDPC Meeting of 2 October 2015 can be accessed  through this link.

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Seniority Payments and other Financial Entitlements for GDPs

There appears to be some confusion among colleagues that Seniority Payments no longer exist.  Although this is the case in England this entitlement still exists in Wales, not just for existing claimants but also for new claimants once colleagues reach the age of 55.


Full details can be obtained in the document available through this link, which in Part 2, Item 6 details the regulations relating to Seniority Payments in Wales.  It also details regulations in relation to  payments in respect of maternity, paternity and adoption leave and long-term sickness leave.

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Timetable for the All Wales Quality Assurance Self-Assessment (QAS) Reporting 2015/16

The Dental Public Health Team of Public Health Wales has an agreement with the Welsh Government (WG) to co-ordinate and report to WG the annual GDS Quality Assurance Self-assessment. We undertake this on the understanding that Quality Assurance Self-assessment is required from all NHS contracted dental practices as part of Local Health Board contractual and clinical governance arrangements. This year’s timetable is as follows:-

  • 16 September 2015 – Contractors notified that the process will go live on 23 September 2015
  • Health Boards to monitor response rate and send reminders to non-responders*
  • Forms to be completed and submitted online by 24 November 2015
  • Health Boards’ Dental Practice Advisors (DPAs) will collate and scrutinise QAS submitted by the practices
  • QAS Reports by DPAs to be completed by 22 January 2016
  • Liaison/Action Planning meetings between Health Board’s DPAs and Primary Care Team as per local arrangements
  • Health Boards’ Dental Quality and Safety/Clinical Governance Groups to discuss the QAS findings
  • DPAs to prepare Health Board’s Annual QAS Report and send a copy to David Hannington by 29 February 2016.
  • Dental Public Health Team to provide annual QAS report to the Chief Dental Officer by 31 March 2016.

* During the process your locally employed DPA/s should work with a member of the Primary Care Team to chase up late/non responders because the form will not be accessible online after the 24 November 2015 deadline.


The full document announcing this timetable and containing copies of letters sent to practices can be found here


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Part Time Associate Position

A part time vacancy has arisen in our long established busy Gorseinon Practice for an associate dentist to work primarily on an NHS basis with the addition of Private Income. The position initially is for two days a week and we are flexible on which two days are to be worked – there is the possibility of an extra day in the future. Start date to be negotiated but ideally as soon as possible. For further information please contact Melanie James at Swanseapractice@Hotmail.co.uk

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GDPC Meeting June 2015

The official report of the June 2015 GDPC meeting can be accessed through this link .

This PowerPoint Presentation is related to Item 13 of the report

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Wales Dental Digest, Summer 2015 Edition

The Chief Dental Officer for Wales has published the Summer 2015 Edition of the popular and informative Wales Dental Digest.  It can be accessed via this link.

Access to past editions of the Welsh Dental Digest can be obtained through this page: http://gov.wales/topics/health/cmo/professionals/dental/publication/3digest/?lang=en

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Movement of Paediatric Dental Patients between CDS and GDS

The CDS is increasingly dealing with Vulnerable and Special Care patients, taking referrals for these groups of patients from our colleagues in the GDS and the HDS.  Treating healthy children who are cooperative and who have little or no caries reduces the time the CDS can spend with the Vulnerable and Special Care patients and the LDC and CDS management have been discussing for some time a suitable model for movement of child patients between the two services and a means of identifying practices that are able to take on new child patients.  The letter which has been sent out to practices can be accessed via this link and is self-explanatory.


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Referral Pathway for Special Care Dentistry Patients

Following discussions between the LDC and CDS a pathway has been developed for the referral of special care patients to the CDS.


The proposed pathway can be found here and a referral form that can be printed and filled in offline can be found here

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Report of GDPC Meeting March 2015

The official report of the March 2015 GDPC Meeting can be accessed here.

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